Q: What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification Technology, which is the technology used in contactless payment cards. NFC (near field communication) technology falls under the umbrella of RFID, so contactless payment technology can be referred to as either RFID or NFC. A small chip and an antenna relay information from credit and debit cards to contactless scanners, serving the same purpose as a barcode, or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card.

Q: Where is RFID used?

RFID technology is used in a variety of cards – from credit, debit and identity cards to driving licences. Most countries also use RFID chips in passports, while several cities use the technology in public transport passes – London’s Oyster card is a key example. In addition, many businesses use RFID in their building access cards.

Q: Does VAULTCARD need a battery or other power source?

VAULTCARD is powered by the electromagnetic signal of the RFID devices it detects, so it doesn’t need its own power source. Other RFID fraud protectors on the market rely on battery power, which needs to be re-charged.

Q: How far away does an RFID-enabled credit or debit card need to be from VAULTCARD before it works for a normal transaction?

Hold your payment card 20cm away from your VAULTCARD to use it for legitimate transactions.

Q: Couldn’t I simply line my wallet with tin foil to block RFID skimmers?

You would need to wrap each card entirely in foil to effectively block electromagnetic signals from RFID devices, and then unwrap them when you wanted to use them. VAULTCARD provides complete protection simply by being placed in the middle of your wallet, so is much more convenient and effective than tin foil.

Q: Does VAULTCARD interfere with mobile phone signals?

VAULTCARD is designed to protect cards in its immediate vicinity and will not affect mobile phone signals.

Q: Why should I choose VAULTCARD over other RFID-blocking technology?

VAULTCARD has no RFID “blind spots” – it completely blocks RFID signals from the most high-powered skimming devices. It is also convenient to use, compact in size and can be placed in your existing wallet.

Q: Can I just avoid having a contactless card?

Nowadays most banks issue contactless cards to customers when their cards are up for renewal. Customers have to request cards without RFID, and some banks will not issue credit or debit cards that don’t feature the technology.

Q: How many cards can VAULTCARD protect?

If VAULTCARD is placed in the middle of your wallet, all RFID enabled cards will be protected within 4cm of the card, in wallets up to 8cm thick.

Q: How do I get my own VAULTCARD?

VAULTCARD can be ordered from the Vaultskin website: