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Functionality and Style

At Vaultskin we work towards creating a product that is easy to use, good at what it does and stylish.
FunctionalityWe set exceptional high standards for all aspects of a product, and in particular the primary purpose- its practical use.
SimplicityWe believe practicality is best delivered through a simple design. Our products are manufactured and designed to be understated and sophisticated.
EleganceWe believe elegance is derived from simplicity. We manufacture our cases choosing high-quality, durable materials styled in a timeless British elegance design.
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In today’s fast-paced technological world innovation is the key to success.
DesignOur international team in London possesses an extremely broad range of expertise, ranging from product design, to engineering and leather crafting.
TechnologyWe have partnered with world class experts in electromagnetics to design the most advanced protection for your RFID bank cards and ID’s, the VaultCard.
SecurityPhysical security and the latest RFID protection are crucial for our products.
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High Quality Materials

All of our products are carefully crafted with only the best materials to ensure that they feel great to the touch, look elegant and last long.
CraftingAt Vaultskin our aim is to make products that you will use for a long time, so they have to be durable. Our quality control standards are extremely high to ensure that.
Premium MaterialsWe exclusively use top grain natural Italian leather that is soft and tough. It is meant to age to give your case a classy and personal look over many years of service.
Constantly ImprovingOver the years Vaultskin has worked closely with customers to improve and innovate our products. We want to hear your feedback and what you have to say.
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Vaultskin produces stylish and practical accessories for your phone, as well as wallets and our groundbreaking VaultCard. We believe that these products should simplify your movements and transactions during the day. Our products range from smartphone sleeves and cases to wallets, which are engineered to block unwanted RFID skimming. VaultCard is our latest creation that offers exceptional protection for your RFID cards.
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“The idea of simplicity and efficiency acutely encompasses the superior and multifunctional design of the product”
“Stylish functionality in a comfortably slender design - all you need in one secure place» Vogue April 2013”
“Not only is it a protective phone case, it’s also a functioning wallet designed to hold up to 8 cards, cash or other valuables... Condense your essentials in a slim, stylish way!”
“This all-in-one solution is a great grab when you are nipping down the street for a quick purchase or simply out of the house!”
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