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  • Tired of Messy &
    Bulky Wallets?
    Enjoy British practicality with our perfectly
    designed wallet case for your smartphone
    content and animation.
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    ● Holds up to 8 cards, cash and keys
    ● Made of genuine premium leather
    ● Easy access to cards
    ● Instant access to iPhone's screen and all ports
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    New Vaultskin Mayfair Wallet Case for iPhone 5 & 5S
    Featuring slim fit, stylish look and unequaled functionality.
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  •  Vogue Logo in Grey  «Stylish functionality in a comfortably slender design - all you need in one secure place»

    VOGUE April 2013

  •  Trend Hunter Logo in Grey  «This all-in-one solution is a great grab when you are nipping down the street for a quick purchase or simply out of the house!»
  •  Trend Hunter Logo in Grey  «The idea of simplicity and efficiency acutely encompasses the superior and multifunctional design of the product»


  •  WIRED Logo in Grey  «Not only is it a protective phone case, it’s also a functioning wallet designed to hold up to 8 cards, cash or other valuables... Condense your essentials in a slim, stylish way! »